Providing kids healthy snacks for your children is the best way to ensure they get nutritious food that fuels their bodies, keeps their weight at a healthy number and develops routines that follow them throughout their lives. But many parents have no idea what snacks to give their children, or their children get bored of the same snacks over and over. Here is a list of some healthy snacks for kids. You can find some healthy snack recipes to prepare easy snacks for kids here.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the most healthy snack options out there. Mix it up by providing your children with new options, or allow them to get in on the action by selecting ones that they want to try at the grocery store. With so many different types of snacks for kids out there, there is no reason that a child should ever get bored of snacking on fruits and vegetables.

kids healthy snacks

Cheese also kids healthy snacks

Cheese is a protein-rich food that helps keep energy levels high and hunger levels low. which should be eaten in moderation, so combine cheese with another healthy snack, such as fruit or pretzels, for a fulfilling and long-lasting treat.


Many children don’t get the amount of calcium that they need on a daily basis. Providing your child with yogurt as a mid-morning snack is a great way to boost their calcium intake while helping to tide them over until lunchtime.

Eggs are essential kids healthy snacks

Most people think of eggs as a meal, but a single hard-boiled egg makes for a great snack. Protein helps fend off hunger pangs, while providing your child with much needed energy and brain power.

Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies

Depriving your children of certain foods may make them want those foods more as they age. Instead finding a healthier way to incorporate those foods into their diet and teaching them about moderation, allows them to have the foods they love every once in a while. A great way to give your children the cookies they love is to make homemade oatmeal and raisin cookies. Oatmeal fills a child up, helping them to eat less, while raisins are a healthier alternative to chocolate chips.

There are many benefits to providing healthy snacks to kids. A healthy diet, in conjunction with exercise, can help them live a fuller, healthier life. Luckily there are many foods that are healthy and satisfying for children. Experimenting with some of the above options, may help you find new, kids healthy snacks ideas for your baby.