1. DRINK THE MAGIC POTION FOR fast fat loss! 

You like to loss fat fast and you must follow this tips properly. Yeah, you know, that substance that covers two thirds of our planet. The same substance that entails 60% of our our body composition. Drinking water helps to cleanse the kidneys of toxins. This allows your liver to perform its normal duties regarding metabolism. If your kidneys are bogged down with toxins due to lack of water, your liver has to kick in and assist the water deprived kidneys. The fat metabolizing duties of the liver will then become less efficient. Make sense? Drink water frequently and don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated. 

2. SMALLER PORTIONS will help you to loss weight fast! 

Split up your meals into smaller portions. If you eat 3 big meals a day then break them up into 5 or 6 smaller portions. Eating smaller portions more frequently will naturally speed up your metabolism. Also, by eating more frequently you decrease your chances of getting overly hungry and splurging.


No, walking to the front door to pick up the morning paper is not morning cardio. Although I know it seems that way after you first wake up and make the trek to the front door with a bad case of bed head. Cardio first thing in the morning before eating anything will help elevate your metabolism throughout the day. Wait at least an hour or two after cardio to eat your first meal of the day. This will ensure your metabolism gets kick started for the remainder of the day.


Calculate your target heart rate for your cardio workouts. This is determined by using the formula: 220 – your age x 70% This will ensure you stay in the fat burning zone. 

You want your exercise to remain aerobic in order to burn more fat. If monitoring your heart rate during exercise isn’t your niche then I have a simplified method. Let’s pretend a friend comes over to hold a conversation while you’re riding the stationary bike. If you can hold a conversation without gasping for air, then you are still in the aerobic zone.

loss fat fast
5. BUILD MUSCLE to loss fat fast! 

I’m not saying you have to look like The Governator. Just build lean mass. More muscle = More calories burned, plain and simple. The more muscle content your body has the more calories it will burn. In order to maintain the muscle content, your body will tap into alternate sources of energy, aka fat stores. Make sense?

6. EAT MORE PROTEIN, LESS CARBS & finally loss fat fast! 

The majority of the average individual’s diet consists of carbohydrates. Most sources suggest about a 40/40/20 split between protein, carbs and fat respectively for losing fat and building muscle. The extra protein will aid in building muscle, while cutting carbs will aid in burning extra body fat. 


The carbs you consume should be complex carbs, not simple carbs. Breads, oatmeal and pasta are great sources. Candy, cake and soda are not great sources. Eat your complex carbs early in your first meals of the day. As the day progresses, eat fewer carbs. After 5-6PM cut out all carbs for the remainder of the night. Your metabolism begins to slow down before bedtime. 

8. CUT OUT THE SUGAR loss fat fast! 

Don’t be like Chunk from The Goonies craving that rocky road ice cream. You’ll be doing the Truffle Shuffle in no time. No seriously, if you have a real desire to shed that body fat, sugar is one of the worst things you could possibly consume. When consuming an excess of sugar, the body will produce insulin to store the extra sugar as FAT. It takes a strong will power for someone who typically refuels on sugar when their energy is low, but you have to determine for yourself if it is worth the sacrifice.

9. SET GOALS to lose belly fat! 

Believe it or not, sitting down and writing specific short term and long term goals will help you stick to them. Write down weekly, monthly and long term goals you wish to achieve over time. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


If any one of these three are lacking your results will suffer. You have to truly want to succeed and have the drive to reach your short term goals and ultimately your long term goals. Pre-Plan your diet and your workout routine then STICK TO IT! Consistency is the key to success! Believe in yourself!

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